IDEAS is the Institute for the Development of Ethics and Action for Solidarity, a non-profit charity, aiming to help with the development of ethical and effective philanthropic action.

Heart and reason

Do you donate money on an impulse because you fall for a charity , or is it a reasonable process, motivated by objectives of effectiveness to serve an action of solidarity? It is to meet the latter approach, which the former approach can't do without, that IDEAS commits itself to publishing a guidebook.

More information for more donations ...

IDEAS develops a favourable framework for carefully-considered donations : Our website presents donors with a snapshot view of about 100 charities or foundations, as well as their actions.


So that each euro donated will be well used...

For charitable action itself, for the men and women who run it, for the efficient organization it requires, for the effort in communication needed for its funding, IDEAS helps charities and foundations to reach their objectives of effectiveness and to let it be known.